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Sign up for our Affiliate Program and earn money to payoff that webcam you just bought!


We are pleased to announce our affiliate program for ImageSalsa and MovieSalsa products!

It's simple.  We use RegNow.com to handle the e-commerce and registration key assignments.  You simply register as an affiliate with RegNow.com, request to act as affiliate for ImageSalsa and/or MovieSalsa, and they will provide unique links for your site to the RegNow product/purchase pages.   When a customer purchases the software through your link, you are paid a commission -- up to 30% -- from the sale.  The best part is that it costs affiliates absolutely nothing!


How much can I earn?

The commissions are tiered based on the number of sales -- including any past purchases made by affiliates.

0 to 5 sales: 10% of the software price.

5 to 20 sales: 15%

21 or more sales: 20%

Already have an e-commerce solution?  Earn an additional 10% per sale.  Contact support@imagesalsa.com for arrangements.

Can I use the affiliate program to purchase software for myself?


How do I become an affiliate member?

To start, visit RegNow.com and sign up as an affiliate.

Search for ImageSalsa and MovieSalsa and request to become an affiliate.  After reviewing your web site, we will approve the application and you will receive a link to use to forward orders.

When will I be paid?

RegNow.com handles the e-commerce and will send you payments by check either monthly or quarterly depending on your balance at the end of the month.

Can I sell to non-US countries?

Yes!  RegNow.com handles currency conversions based on the current exchange rate.

I still have questions.  Whom should I contact?

Send an email to support@imagesalsa.com for any questions you may have.


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