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Be sure to download the User's Manual.  The manual covers all aspects of the software and answers many of the questions you may already have.

Windows 95, 98, and Me Users:

There is a known issue with GDI system resource management when using ImageSalsa with these operating systems.  I found a great explanation here:


In particular, these operating systems limit the amount of graphics memory shared by all applications and utilities that are running -- independent of the amount of system RAM. 

Because ImageSalsa uses so much graphics through its real-time image processing with various layers and effects, the OS can be quickly become overwhelmed and generate the infamous "Out of Memory" error -- usually in ImageSalsa's CreatePictureBox procedure.

There is no easy solution.  Some users have been able to use simple canvases with few different layers without any problems.  Some have also had better luck with version 1.8 of ImageSalsa: setup.exe  Because it is shared among all applications running in the OS, different users will have experience different results.

The only certain workaround to this issue is to move to an NT-based OS (NT, 2000, XP, Vista).  These operating systems scale GDI resources with the amount of available system memory and have worked with ImageSalsa for months on end without any memory issues.

Script-Writing Help (Scripting and Weather Editions):

Virus scanners:  Many virus scanners may assume that scripts running under ImageSalsa (for example, those that access files) are malicious.  This is unfortunate since scripting can also do so many cool things.  Depending on which virus scanning software you use, you may be able to disable scripting if you know that you will not be running malicious scripts from the internet.  Many virus scanners will let you run the scripts after you tell them they are O.K., but you have to do this each time ImageSalsa starts.

Sample Scripts:

Uses the NOAA monthly reports generated by Ambient's Virtual Weather Station and adds the tags <YearAgoTempHigh>, <YearAgoTempLow>, <YearAgoRainfall>, <YearAgoMaxWind>.  Must enable the Interval and TextUpdate in the the script setup.  Also, must select "Script Enable" for each text line that uses these tags (last column in text setup).  Modify the file constants near the top of the file to point to the correct directory for the NOAA monthly reports.

Example showing how to call another program or batch file from your script.  This example opens up a new instance of NotePad.exe each time the interval method is called.

Contains a lot of code.  Part of which includes my first attempt to pick the weather data from a NWS forecast message and then use that data to change a forecast panel (see Demos).

This script reads a text file of comma-separated values and makes them available as tags in the format <TAGxxx>, where xxx is 001, 002, ...  The comma-separated value file may come from anywhere, but the original intent was to use Virtual Weather Station to convert a template file into values not available in the data.csv file used for the built-in weather functions.

This script reads a ini file of data values and makes them available as tags in the format <INI,Section,Key>, where Section and Key are the respective INI entries.  The INI file may come from anywhere, but the original purpose was to use the curdata.lst file generated by the Weather Center software -- example included.

This very simple script will change the directory for a canvas' sequential image saves each day.  For example, on January 21st, 2006, the images will be stored in ...\images\2006-01-21\

Script Links:

Here are some useful links I've found on writing VBScript code:

Microsoft's Scripting Site
Windows Scripting Solutions

In particular, you will want to look for certain keywords when searching for information on the scripting language:

  • The scripting language is VBScript.
  • When reading and writing files, you will be using the File System Object.
  • When executing other programs you will be using the Windows Script Host Object Model.
  • You will be writing programs that more closely match the Windows Script Host -- often abbreviated as WSH.

Script Books:

Many VBScript books are written for web programming.  However, there exists a difference in the Object Model.  When running VBScript in a browser, there exists a set of objects that make up the object model such as the web page, controls, images, etc...  These books spend a good amount of time teaching users how to write program to interact with this object model.  While this is a good knowledge for web developers, ImageSalsa uses its own object model that is described in the User's Guide.  In addition, you can interact with any registered COM object on your system or the Windows Script Host object model.

These books are available from Amazon.com and should help users to understand how to write scripts for the Scripting or Weather Editions of ImageSalsa.

Vbscript in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference

This book is a reference and will not provide as many code examples as others.  However, it will go into great depth on the object models and VBScript language.

Sams Teach Yourself Windows Script Host in 21 Days

Windows Script Host

Both of these books are geared towards programmers writing code for the Windows Script Host.  This more closely resembles programming for ImageSalsa and will present many of the object models and examples that you would likely use.

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